In every edge, VICIDial is a premier solution:

VICIDial is an OSS Call Center Solution, which is an ideal solution for call center business. You know, a call center business is emerging industry across the World and Asterisk based software had just getting adopted. It is a cost-effective open source solution as compared to VOIP for call center start-ups.


What is VICIDial?

VICIDial is an open source application which is an ideal application for inbound and outbound call centers. It is designed as the best way to interact with the Asterisk based Open Source IP PBX Phone system which directly extends the functionality of your phone system and gives an ultimate rich experience to our clients. VICIDial is compatible with various asterisk versions like Telco lines or VOIP trunks and various types of softphones and hard phones.


Key Features of VICIDial:

A Call Center Business Owners can get a lot of beneficial features if they acquire VICIDial open source applications. Some of the main key features are mentioning as under:

  • Activity Database Management
  • Auto-Dialer
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Automatic Backup
  • CRM Integration
  • Call Routing & Monitoring
  • Call Center Management
  • Sales Reporting & many more


VICIDial-Custom Optimized Solution for Small team:

In the Present Time, You see the Call Center Industry is now heavily working all over the world, and they shrunk the world, but giving a great exponential movement in the customer assistance areas. Call Centers Industry is now heavily relying by the customers because they fulfilled and give unique solutions to the customers in the terms of any products or services. Technological Advancement has given a big boost in the Call Center industry by giving various new advanced features call center software like VICIDial, which has designed to give customized and optimized solutions for that call center which has a small team. It is compatible for all sizes of call center business and proves a profit-oriented asterisk based call center solutions, which is also helps to increase your efficiency and revenues through installing various installations, configurations, dedication, support & maintenance.


What is Call Center Solutions?

A Call Center Solution assist with the various organizations by handling customer interactions to solve any specific requirements in terms of products and services. Call Center enables you to do any query about any products and services by a phone call, chat, social media, email etc. Traditionally, Call Center business has been done by only phone call, but now technology has been changed which make a technological advancement in the field of call center business and it is now doing by various modes like social media, phone call, chat or email etc., which gives a high benefit to the various call center business owners now a days. We roughly categorized call center services under the main four heads:


  • Inbound Services: A Call Center Business Organizations provides the different types of inbound services which are as under:
  • Customer Service
  • Answering Services
  • Billing/Invoice Support
  • Refund Claim Processing
  • Inquiry Handling
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Direct Response Tele Sales


  • Outbound Services: A Call Center Business Organizations provides the different types of Outbound services which are as under:
  • Lead Generation
  • Fund raising
  • Collections and Recovery
  • Cross-Selling & Up-Selling
  • Market Research


  • Back Offices Services: A Call Center Business Organizations provides the different types of Back Offices services which are as under:
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Account Payable/Receivable
  • Billing/Invoicing Support
  • Order Tracking
  • Refund Claim Processing


  • Tech Support Services: A Call Center Business Organizations provides the different types of Tech Support services which are as under:
  • Applications Support
  • Helpdesk Solutions
  • Desktop and Laptop Support
  • Network Support


How Call Centers Business Is Surviving?

Through Globalization in 90s decade, business has been expanded across the world and give an independently permission to business owners to do business from one country to another to increase their business revenues. Global Businesses got the improved facility to outsourcing work from the offshore and made an opportunity to achieve profit by delivering high quality customer services.

In the Previous Scenario, Call Centers business has now survived by offering valuable inbound and outbound customer services. Call Center business has been growing rapidly in all over India, not only the business owner is being profited as well as employee of the call center is also being profitable in this business solution. It is very effective and efficient business flavor by the availability and utilizing of the intellectual human resources and also best technologies with a tremendous speed. These days, call center business is heavily depends on the call center software solutions which able to reduce the cumbersome, manual tasks by placing and receiving customer calls and sales calls.


VICIDial Asterisk based Open Source Call Centers Solutions:

Our VICIDial call center solution which is based on asterisk based open source framework, it is empowering to furnish a superior customer engagement by giving a quicker and more responsive service during the customer handling or interacting by email, phone, social media engagement or voice calls. You get inbound ACD (Automatic Calls Distributors), outbound broadcast as well as predictive dialing, Integrated Call recording, Web Configured IVRs and Voicemail boxes and Remote Management etc.

The main objective of set up a Call Center business to handle a large volume of phone calls regarding any products or services. By acquiring a VICIDial, it is specialized to offer the blend of advanced technology related to asterisk based call center solutions that increase the efficiency of customer-facing business process, provide an effective communication between the contact centers and enterprises at the different sizes or volumes. We provide various services like:

  • ACD Management for Customer Applications
  • VICIDial Installation & Configuration
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Compatibility In-bound & Outbound Operations

From the above discussion, we find that VICIDial is an enormous cost-effective software solution. VICIDial software comprises the best asterisk based configuration and installations and facilitates Inbound & Outbound Operations in the Call Center business. But you have to acquire this VICIDial from reputed service providers.


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