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SMS broadcast is used to send bulk text messages to hundreds or thousands of recipient at once. We have web based solution with latest web technologies which make it easier to send with a single click and provide monitoring, tracking and reporting of the campaign. Our solution have inbuilt own CRM or we can provide integration with other CRM available in market. The packages are made for individual to small or medium and large corporates. We provide product solution to any business size with great budget.


ADVANTAGE of SMS Broadcast

  • Local services: Advertisement and offers promotion of local services like plumbing, cleaning, carpenter, electronic product repair & maintenance and much more.
  • Educational groups: Notification and announcement and reminder in school and colleges.
  • Religious group: Event announcement from churches, temples and others religious group.
  • Hospital and Clinics : reminder for appointment and renew of medical prescription, emergency medical alerts for patients & staff , Notify vital personal health data such as  Information about dosage, disease precautions with treatment and save time for both patient and doctor.
  • Banks: Alert notification for real-time bank updates, account activity and fraud detection, Perform mobile banking and user authentication
  • Offices: communicating with offsite employees, meeting reminders, emergencies and closure, recruitment, polling and surveys.
  • Sports leagues: send live scores, promote special events, game announcement, inform schedule detail, polling, promotes contest.

There is much more usage of SMS Broadcast.



Multi-Tenant: Provide adequate isolation of security, robustness and performance between multiple tenants which is provided by the layers below the application in case of multi-instance applications.

Real-Time Reporting: Display real time data on sms broadcast: how many send, how many failed and how many are remaining, etc.

Fast Delivery: Development using latest web technology make it faster than other SMS broadcast software.

Schedule SMS : schedule the date and time for sending the message.

Response: Track the responses from recipient and store it for analysis and reporting .This is very useful for live polling to know the answer in  YES or NO.



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