Elastix PBX an Emerging IPBX and Gventure Technology:


Elastix is popular and emerging unified communications server software which has specialized to make a good collaboration among IP PBX, email, faxing functionality. It includes advanced features like Call Center Software with predictive dialing and web interface. The popularity of Elastix is widespread across the world.
There are a large number of business organization across the globe and different telecommunications modes like telephone phone system, email, faxing, call center software, SMS Broadcasting, Voice broadcasting and many more, has been used to get a maximum connectivity among the customers. Gventure Technology is a growing, emerging telecommunications based technology company in India which is an emerging IP PBX based Elastix server providing across the Globe with a full dedicated support service by our expert solutions team.


Bases of Elastix Functionality:

  • Asterisk
  • Free PBX
  • IP PBX
  • HylaFAX
  • Openfire
  • Postfix


What is Elastix Software?

Elastix is a communications server software that facilitates to bring together IP PBX, email, IM, faxing and collaboration functionality. It’s a perfect Asterisk based a solution which is based on open source standards and able to provide a reliable, easy to use, and compatible with all operating systems like Windows, MacOS, and Linux etc.


Origin of Elastix: Elastix was firstly released to public in the month of March 2006. It was created and maintained by PaloSanto Solutions, which is an open source support company in Ecuador. Elastix has also released various other packages, Asterisk based Linux which were easily maintained and administered by user friendly user interfaces according to the set of communities’ attention. But in 2016, 3CX acquired the Elastix Project, and software switched with the 3CX Platforms.


Key features of Elastix:

  • Independently Work Environment: Elastix gives permission to work anywhere; you can give answers and make calls, send and receive chat or messages and also arrange web conferencing by using or installing app from Android and IOS App Store.

         The Elastix Android and IOS App clients get rich features, updated and tested version. It is helpful to avoid the firewall issues and also           support to save the battery’s life. An Elastix client is easy to use and deploy where you can set conference very easily.


  • Cost-Saving Option: Elastix offers a cost-cutting calls, message. You can reduce your telecommunications cost of the use of SIP trunks in the IP PBX. It facilitates economical calls during travelling or working remotely. User can communicate with our colleagues, managers at any locations or remote locations. It also gives a good and constant connectivity without spending any extra money in any telephony gateways.

         IP PBX based telephony system gives scalable features and gives a better telecommunications in your business.


  • Integrated Chat, Communications: Elastix offers unique features like web conferencing, instant messaging, voicemail to email, fax. It facilitates low cost rich unified communications solutions. There are a lot of features like compatible with remote users, avoid necessary calls or voicemail tags. It comprises a corporate feature which is available for clients, windows, web, android and IOS for giving a professional integrated message system which is compatible with the windows, web based clients, IOS, Android.


Elastix IP PBX Communication at Remote Working: If you compare a normal PBX phone system and Elastix IP PBX phone system, then Elastix IP PBX is more convenient and productive solution. Elastix facilitates to communicate with your customers or client through voice, chat, video chat and live chat. It independently gives a communication opportunity to communicate at any work or remote location, travelling etc. Powered by 3CX, you get a unified and unique with softphones which includes or can work on Android, IOS, Windows and Mac. Elastix user gets different types of benefit like unlimited extensions included free web conferencing option. Apart from this, the other various beneficial facilities are as under:

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, MiniPC
  • Best Security
  • Advanced unified communications
  • VoIP Apps availability

In India, you can get affordable and reliable Elastix IP PBX based software solutions and support services from Gventure Technology. It is a leading web and VoIP IP PBX integrated solution provider. Gventure Technology is now making an excellent continuous growth for Clients and helpful to maximize the business revenues by providing various types of telecommunications software services across the Globe.

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