A2Billing Plugin

A2Billing Plugin

Gventure A2Billing solution is perfect and open source programming for Asterisk, giving telecoms client administration including administrator, operators, client and online information exchange pages, with adaptable inline rating and charging of calls and administrations in real-time.

Gventure A2Billing is a WordPress Plugins which provide web centered real time prepaid or postpaid payments solution accessible with client support and confirming system, which allow Internet Telephone systems suppliers to offer IP phone to Phone, PC to phone, and IP Device to phone services.

The structural design of Gventure A2Billing includes Asterisk telephony server, a database server, and a web-server for administration, agent, customer and on-line sign-up. Gventure A2Billing supports commission agents permitting on-line sign-up and member advertising, as well automated signup through a simple telephone call providing easy client acquisition. A2Billing backings start and end utilizing an assortment of advances, for example, VoIP, PSTN (PRI, BRI and simple circuits) and GSM doors.

Key Features:

  • Summary Detail of Client: You can view your whole account details as username, password, account number, remaining balance, email id, phone, and currency type. You can also add, delete and view added called ids here.
  • Profile Setting: You can change your account password and sip password in a more efficient way.
  • Extension Details: You can view and check or delete your extension details in tabular form in a very easy way. You can add new sip account by filling details like account settings, media settings, Network settings, and other setting like choosing DTMF-Mode, call forwarding mode, language etc.
  • Real-time Call details: You can view and track the currently running calls with their caller id, destination, location, date, start time, end time, duration and cost details.
  • Download and config Asterisk Server: To configure your Asterisk server, you could copy the Asterisk Setting details, Xlite Setting details, Eyebean Login details, Zoiper Login details which is available in download tab of this solution and paste these details into your sip.conf file.
  • Payment Details: You can view and check your payment related information in tabular form in a very easy way.
  • Rate Management: You can easily manage rates according to different destinations groups.
  • Call Forwarding Feature: You can add new call forwarding number with details of DID number, type, phone number, and priority. You can view all call forwarding numbers details in tabular form.
  • Speed Dialer Facility: You can add new speed dial number with details of contact name, phone number, and speed-dial number. You can see all speed dial numbers details in tabular formation.